The Missouri Archaeologist Volume 81


This 214-page edition of The Missouri Archaeologist is the first-ever to feature color illustrations. It will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in caches, lithics, or just Missouri archaeology. It consists of 11 articles discussing lithic caches in Missouri by noted researchers.

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Articles in this edition:

Lithic Caches of Missouri: Resource or Ritual? by Brad H. Koldehoff

The McKinnis Cache: A Clovis Lithic Assemblage from St. Louis County, Missouri  by Brad H. Koldehoff

Two Dalton Caches from the Northeast Edge of the Ozarks by Brad H. Koldehoff and Steven L. Boles

The Kellner Cache: An Early Archaic Searcy Deposit in Benton County Missouri by Jack H. Ray, Timothy M. Meade, and Gina S. Powell

The McElroy Cache: An Early Archaic Lithic Cache from Northeast Missouri by Jim D. Feagins

Nash Cache: A Titterington-Phase Deposit in St. Charles County, Missouri and Comments on Titterington, Sedalia, and Nebo Hill Associations by Jack H. Ray and Marvin J. Nash

The Heath Cache: An Unusual Late Archaic Cache from Barton County, Missouri by Jack H. Ray and Larry Heath

The 23LN5 Biface Cache, Lincoln County, Missouri by Vincent dePaul Warner

An Early Woodland-Dickson Preform Cache in St. Charles County, Missouri by Richard E. Martens

Preform Caches Indicative of Trade or Nonlocal Incursions into the Missouri Ozarks by Jack H. Ray

The Dahlman Cache: Evidence for Late Prehistoric Trade of Burlington Chert to Affiliated Groups on the Eastern Plains by Jack H. Ray