The Missouri Archaeologist Volume 71 (2010)


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This 248-page volume features articles by experts in the field about the lithic resources of Missouri and some adjacent states as well. The following articles are included:

The Sloan Dalton Site (3GE94) Assemblage Revisited: Chipped-Stone Raw Material Procurement and Use in the Cache Basin—J. E. Morrow

Paleoindian and Archaic Chert Use at Big Eddy—J. H. Ray

Hunter-Gatherer Chert Use along the Southwest Flank of the Ozarks—D. G. Wyckoff

Lithic Reduction Analysis of a Late Archaic Single Activity Area at Site 3IN218, Independence County, Arkansas—R. H. Lafferty

Exploring Mississippian Polity Interaction and Craft Specialization with Ozarks Chipped-Stone Resources—B. Koldehoff and T. Brennan

Late Archaic Staged Reduction of High-Quality Greenwood Rhyolite at the Allen Site—J. H. Ray

The Geological and Cultural Contexts of Basalt from Late Emergent Mississippian and Early Mississippian Sites in the St. Louis Region—J. E. Kelly

Mississippian Celt Production and Resource Extraction in the Upper Big River Valley of St. Francois County, Missouri—B. Koldehoff and G. D. Wilson