The Missouri Archaeologist Volume 78 (2017)


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Learn about all things atlatl! This 130-page volume features the following articles:

The Atlatl Renaissance: A Brief History—Ronald E. Mertz

Experiments with Basketmaker II Atlatls as Combat Weapons—Justin Garnett and Devin B. Pettigrew

Deadly Flight: Birds and Atlatls—John C. Whittaker

Some Personal Observations Concerning Indian Knoll-Style Atlatls—Larry Kinsella

Boatstones as Regional Atlatl Attachments: A Few Examples and Sites from along the Kansas/Missouri Border—Jim D. Feagins

Missouri Atlatl Weights as Eight Lessons in Museology—James J. Krakker

Determination of Clovis Point Bending Breakage Characteristics—Richard E. Martens