The Missouri Archaeologist Volume 66 (2015)


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This 230-page volume is subtitled Historical Archaeology in Missouri: Collected Papers in Honor of Robert T. Bray

This volume features the following articles:

A History of Historical Archaeology in Missouri by T. E. Baumann and J. R. Wettstaed

Historical Archaeology in Arrow Rock, Missouri by T. E. Baumann

Archaeological Investigations at the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site in St. Louis County, Missouri by K. Roberts

The Du Sable Grave Project in St. Charles, Missouri by T. E. Baumann

“A Stirring Effect on the Enemy”: Civil War Archaeology of Sharp’s Cornfield at the 1861 Battle of Wilson’s Creek, Missouri by D. D. Scott

Camp Lincoln and the Army of Southeastern Missouri by P. H. Garrow and J. L. Holland

A Landscape Approach to Historical Site Evaluation and Management: An Example from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri by S. D. Smith and R. Edging

Forgotten Farmers: Cotton Sharecroppers in the Missouri Bootheel by B. W. Thomas

Victorian Ideology and Status Display at Nova Scotia, An Ozarks Company Town by J. R. Wettstaed and J. L. Harpole